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Frugality musing

April 27th, 2008 at 05:38 am

HI All

Well I have been keeping track of anything I do frugally. In the month of April my spending of food items has gone up but I have been mostly buying everything on sale and stockpiling a little more than I normally do. There are some financial experts that tell you not to do this. I don't agree. I feel that I am cost-averaging my food purchases. Since I only buy on sale, it makes sense to stock up.


3rd week of April Update

April 20th, 2008 at 08:23 am

Hi All

Well this has been an adventurous week.

DH had to work the dogwatch shift for two nights. It was hard to get used to making no noise at night when he was asleep. Also harder not having him next to me in bed. I just feel safer that way.

Have been stocking up on many things this week. Walgreens and the grocery store was having some stock up sales so I was all in for that. I will not need laundry detergent or some personal care items for quite awhile.

Work has been a little weird. One day it is slow and the next nonstop crazyness. Hopefully it will even out soon.

Working on all my points/rewards programs. Trying to use them to pay for Christmas rather than me. As of now I will be getting quite a few giftcards for Christmas time.

Got rid of a lot of books this week through paperbackswap and bookmooch. It feels lightening to do this. I don't have as much clutter in my office now.

Hope everyone has a good week


2nd week of April

April 12th, 2008 at 06:31 pm

Well this week I have been working on decluttering the office. I have gotten rid of so much stuff (mostly through freecycle) that DH thinks he next to be gone.

Went to the farmers market today. Not much available since it was so cold. Didn't spend anything there but went to the bulk spice store and got a few things there.

At work I should be getting rid of the reports I have been trying to get rid of at the end of this month.

Also as of last weight in I have lost 12 pounds. I have been doing the Paul McKenna plan. I really do like it.

DH got a new job where he works. It isn't a increase in pay but now he doesn't have to work any weekends. Love it.

First week of April

April 6th, 2008 at 05:45 am

Well it was a gorgeous day Saturday. I did have to work for a few hours but then DH and I spent a little time outside tidying up the yard. Waiting for spring in all her glory to get here. Waiting to be able to plant my gardens

A few of the neighbors came by and chatted. Seems like we will be losing one neighbor to forclosure and 2 are being forced to sell. My little street will be changing quite dramatically. Makes me grateful I am pinching pennies and watching how we spend money. Although we are by no means that bad off to have to sell.

This week I have gotten lots of freebies. Got personal items, trashbags, medicine, and lots more bread, rolls and sweet treats. Putting all to good use so that I don't feel wasteful.

Now that there is all this talk about layoffs, bad economy, recession, depression it makes me feel good that DH and I have jobs. We talked that no matter how bad they get we will be working there. Jobs are to hard to come by and you will have to compete with a lot of people. It is very scary. In talking with my dad he says this was they way he felt in the 70s. He says it will pass but it will scar a lot of people up pretty bad. Just like the depression did.

First three days of April

April 3rd, 2008 at 03:37 pm

Well the first three days of April have been going pretty smooth. Been bringing lunch and spending very little. Biggest expense was getting gas for DH truck. It was $65 but not bad considering we are carpooling together.

Was told at work they need help so I will be workinig OT to get lots done for them and fatten up my wallet.