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3rd week of April Update

April 20th, 2008 at 08:23 am

Hi All

Well this has been an adventurous week.

DH had to work the dogwatch shift for two nights. It was hard to get used to making no noise at night when he was asleep. Also harder not having him next to me in bed. I just feel safer that way.

Have been stocking up on many things this week. Walgreens and the grocery store was having some stock up sales so I was all in for that. I will not need laundry detergent or some personal care items for quite awhile.

Work has been a little weird. One day it is slow and the next nonstop crazyness. Hopefully it will even out soon.

Working on all my points/rewards programs. Trying to use them to pay for Christmas rather than me. As of now I will be getting quite a few giftcards for Christmas time.

Got rid of a lot of books this week through paperbackswap and bookmooch. It feels lightening to do this. I don't have as much clutter in my office now.

Hope everyone has a good week


1 Responses to “3rd week of April Update”

  1. littlemama Says:

    Great idea saving the card for Christmas spending. That's what I'll have to do now. Smile

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